Terms & Conditions

Policy on refund of fees

The professional fees received towards services rendered are charged in two tranches i.e. 50% in advance at the time of posing query and balance 50% (subject to deduction based on client satisfaction) at the time of final delivery. Provision is already there to deduct or permanently withheld certain % of professional fees (to the extent of 50%) after citing reasons for such deduction. The professional fees once paid, under no circumstances will be refunded. No request in this regard will be entertained whatsoever.

However, if by mistake or error on the server or processing, we get payment twice or more than once for the same order, we will refund the amount, received in excess. Where the payment has been made through Credit Card / Debit Card, refund shall be made through the same Credit Card / Debit Card by which you have made the payment. Otherwise, refund shall be made through Cheque.