After our initial research it took more than 60 days and equal numbers of night in selecting the name "incometax2ndopinion" and arriving arriving at consensus among the team members. The name defines our purpose of conveying the user what we stands for and what is our intention for formation of the website in the midst of plethora of existing website providing tax support. Out team consists of hardcore professionals who have experience of both client perspective and its requirement and at the same time, limitation and challenges faced by consultant in servicing its valued client. The main ingredients of our service will be quality, priority and competitive fees i.e. "Value for Money".

  • Services will be provided at this platform by experienced and best legal minds after multiple levels of discussion and deliberation within team. The final output which will come out after purification at various level will keep our users highly satisfied and evert back again; The fees deduction clause for not meeting quality/standard is a tool given in the hands of user to apprise our work quality.

  • By imposing self regulation in terms of imposition of strict timelines for delivering services will also make us unique and unmatchable.

  • The fees charged will be directly linked or proportionate with the quality of services provided and time invested on the assignment. A fees deduction mechanism (to withhold upto 50% of fees subject to client satisfaction) is also unheard of in service industry.

  • Simplicity and quality experience during navigation is another distinguished feature of our platform. Our Big Brother Board where the user or our well wishers can give their suggestions for improving and thriving will be very useful.

  • Continuous monitoring section will give continuous update regarding the Stage at which the assignment has reached till final delivery.

  • Best of technologies have been used to keep your data safe and secured. Verification of credentials at various level has been installed to ensure safety of data and information. Any document uploaded by user will neither be printable nor downloadable. The team can only view it and use through their account. [IT DESK WILL WRITE HERE REGARDING HTTPS AND ALSO SECURITY AUDIT CERTIFICATE].

Our primary aim is to support and supplement the in-house tax team of the user entity by providing our assistance at all level and all time. Entities/Professionals can also use our service to verify/confirm any legal position/stand they are contemplating to take.